The Incredible – Bowls: – Hookah Bowl Shapes

If your hookah were a ship, the hookah bowl would be the bridge from which the captain delivers commands (big billowy commands of smoke) to the rest of the hookah ship. Or, if your hookah were a computer, the bowl would be the keyboard…well, while extended metaphors may not be our strength, hookah smoking certainly is.

Point being, the oft-overlooked bowl is the centre of the action on your hookah. By managing the heat and choosing the tobacco, you control how well your hookah smokes. All other hookah components – the hose, base, and even shaft – only transport the bowl’s work to your happy mouth.

Despite the wide variety of shapes, sizes, and construction materials seen in hookah bowls, they all serve the same essential function. A bowl holds the tobacco for the coal to warm it, creating smoke that passes down the shaft to be filtered by the water before traveling through the hose. The arrangement and quality of tobacco in the bowl, in addition to the type and manipulation of the coal, determines how much or how little smoke is created. Bowls are made from a variety of materials – from traditional clay to ceramic, glass, Pyrex, and even metal. Generally, thicker, more insulating materials (such as clay) are preferred as they retain heat better than metal, keeping the shisha warmer for more even heating.

incredible_bowels_1Egyptian Clay Hookah Bowl: -

These bowls are made by hand in the Middle East using tried-and-true traditional production methods. Because of the rustic methods employed to craft these bowls, there will be slight variations in size and shape, though the volume of each bowl will remain constant. Don’t be alarmed if your Egyptian bowl has deep scores in the clay beneath the glaze on the inside, this is a normal result of firing this type of clay in a kiln, and it won’t impact the bowl’s function in any way. These bowls feature some of the thickest, sturdiest construction around, ensuring a very strong bowl that will maintain its heat nicely.

incredible_bowels_2Hookah Flip Inverted Hookah Bowl: -

Is an innovative hookah accessory that provides an alternative way to smoke your shisha. Instead of the hookah charcoals resting on the hookah bowl, with the Hookah Flip your shisha tobacco (or herbal molasses) is suspended above the coals which rest on an adjustable tray.

It may be useful to keep in mind one basic principal while rotating your coals; heat should be balanced across the top of the bowl. Balance is achieved by rotating coal from a too-warm area (so it can cool) to a too-cool area (so it will warm up).