New Nammor Hookahs for 2014 – Large Collection of Hookah that Turn Heads

Nammor Wholesalers strives to bring the best hookahs to market.

Our exclusive line of Nammor hookahs offers a higher level of quality and a better smoking experience than anything out there.
Many generations of Nammor Hookahs was released at the end of 2011. Nammor Hookahs have been the highest benchmark of quality for years because of their heavy – duty construction as well as their aesthetically pleasing designs. Their stainless steel shafts, unparalleled air-flow, exotic glass bases and Nammor hose add up to a hookah that is impossible to beat in quality, function and style.
While many people have been sold on the idea that other Egyptian hookahs are the pinnacle of water pipes, we believe that anyone who tries a Nammor hookah will be truly impressed with its superior quality, hose, and glass options.

With 100 models, Nammor Wholesalers is proud to inform you of any development that might get in our products and always continue to improve quality and accuracy in manufacturing for your satisfaction always