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Which wholesale Hookah Hose is the best for My Hookah lounge or shop?

One of the questions I get most often from lounge owners is, “What hookah hoses should I offer with my water pipes?” There is no short answer for this, but let’s get into some of the pros and cons of the different types of hoses.

Washable versus Non-Washable Hookah Hoses

how-to-increase-hookah-business-1A non-washable hose is generally very sturdy, but has a metal coil inside of it that will get rusty if washed. A washable hose may have a shorter shelf life, but there is no fear of ghosting or sanitation issues since it can be washed.

There are many wonderful non-washable hoses out there. Some of my favourite qualities beyond the nice build of these hoses is that they are more flexible and the length is perfect for a lounge setting. The one downfall to me is that they are not washable. This isn’t a huge issue but you’ll want to be careful using them with super strong flavour’s that may stick with the hose. A good solution would be to either designate some of these for each of the stronger flavours that you use.

how-to-increase-hookah-business-2Or, you can always go with one of the more cost-effective washable hoses, such as the Disposable Washable Hookah Hose. These hoses are durable, washable, with plenty of colors options to choose from. They are also easily replaceable if they get damaged, since they are typically less of an investment than the non-washable hookah hoses. For those that are extra thrifty, or like having individual use hoses, we also offer disposable washable hoses.

Are There High Quality Washable Hookah Hoses?

how-to-increase-hookah-business-3Yes! One of my favourite hoses overall is the Standard Nammor Hose. These have a more traditional look and are a bit wider in diameter to the any hoses, allowing for an easier draw. They also have a removable mouth piece to assist for easier cleaning. We recommend cleaning the inside with warm water and lemon juice and then hanging the hose with both ends down to insure that it dry’s completely.

There are many more options to choose from, so please do not hesitate to give us a call, chat in on the site, or send us an email for advice tailored more specifically for your needs. Happy smoking!

Three Ways to increase New Customer Traffic

1) Have in-shop tutorials
A great way to invite people into your lounge or shop is to offer a free tutorial day. While many people love to go out and smoke shisha, encouraging patrons to learn more about hookah will make them a lifetime customer. Have a tutorial day on a semi-regular basis, give some free tips on how to set up a hookah, how to load a bowl, how to light coals, etc. This can even be a great way to drive traffic to your Facebook page – ask them to RSVP for the event on your Facebook wall, or make a Facebook coupon for the event that entitles each tutorial attendant to a free 50g of shisha.

2) Have a hookah and shisha sample day
Similar to the free tutorials, a fun event would be to set up multiple hookahs and invite your customers to try different kinds of hookahs and shisha. This is a great way for customers to learn what kind of hookahs they prefer as well as hoses, shisha flavour’s, ice tip cooling attachments, etc. Helping them discover what they really love about hookahs will keep them coming back for more!

3) Sell complete hookah packages for beginners
Often when brand new hookah users decide that they are ready to purchase one, they have no idea what they want. Sometimes the best thing to do is just give them all of the basics so that they can learn. Putting together a ‘beginner’s hookah pack’ that includes a small hookah, a basic shisha bowl, some shisha, tongs, coals, foil, and a cleaning brush is a great tactic to inviting new hookah users into the culture. This can be sold at one package price, and makes the purchase much easier for the customer so that they don’t get overwhelmed. Just do the work for them, and when they’re ready to start upgrading hookahs and accessories, you will be their go-to!